Posted by: ushistoryfiles | April 24, 2009

Divided Loyalties

Last week I finished reading Divided Loyalties by Digby (cool name, huh?) Gordon Seymour.   Overall I have to give it just about 5 stars.  The western theater of the Civil War has been largely overshadowed by the fighting in Virginia.  While most Civil War buffs can name off battle after battle that took place in the East, how many knew that fighting occured in Knoxville, TN?  In addition to a narrative that illustrated the division between pro-Confederate and pro-Union folks living in East Tennessee, Seymour also places the events that take place largely around Knoxville in the larger context.  Switching from the national stage to the western theater to local (Knoxville) events, Digby tells a little known story.  The book culminates with Longstreet’s assault on Fort Saunders.  Using maps and today’s landmarks Saunders does an excellent job of translating the movements of armies almost 150 years ago to areas of the city known today.  Overall an excellent read.  You can find more information on Divided loyalties at the University of Tennessee Press website.  I’ve provided a link below.

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