Posted by: ushistoryfiles | May 14, 2009

Kennesaw Mountain

Last weekend found my honey and I down at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield.  Every time I go I am saddened by just how much the battlefield has been built over.  Now I worked at Stones River where only about 15 percent of the battlefield had been preserved, but at Kennessaw you actually have to drive out of your way to get to the three different tour stops.  But at least there is something there unlike Chantilly which has virtually nothing – good job Northern Virginians develop it all!

Back to Kennesaw:  It was the spring of 1864 and Sherman was slogging his way through Northern Georgia on his way to Atlanta.  Joe Johnston had prepared a Confederate defensive position anchored on Kennesaw Mountain.  On June 22 Sherman attacked.  His plan?  A diversionary attack on the Confederate left with the main assault on the center.  (Hmmm…sounds familiar.  Did Sherman ever hear of Gettysburg?  Although, at least Lee attacked BOTH flanks before hitting the center.)

Well, Sherman’s plan failed.  The union saw 3000 in casualties while the Confederates lost 800.  Sherman returns to the tried and true strategy of outflanking Johnston’s army and the Confederates abandon the Kennesaw position on July 2.

The Visitor Center at Kennesaw has a neat museum and the walk up the mountain (well it’s really more of a hike) was good.  With all the development it is difficult to get a grasp of how the battle developed.  Someday it would be neat to hike the trails from end to end.

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