Posted by: ushistoryfiles | August 30, 2009

Great Smoky Mountain National Park – 75 Years Old!

The Great Smoky Mountains are one of my favorite places on earth.  We went there this weekend and though I knew this in the back of my mind, the park turns 75 this year.  I may be late jumping on the bandwagon, but I am devoting this week to blog posts celebrating the history of various part of the park.  So let us kick off “Smokies Week” by looking at Noah “Bud” Ogle’s place.

Smokies July 05 (89)The Ogle place is just before you get to the heart of the Roaring Fork Motor Trail which leads out of Gatlinburg.  Back in 1879 when Noah “Bud” and his wife Cindy started their farm the community was known as White Oak Flats.  They had a 400 acre farm, had apple and plum trees, raised hogs & chickens, and had a small garden.  In addition the Ogles harnessed water power from a stream about a half mile away from the main cabin and established a grist mill.

Roaring Fork (16)Roaring Fork (19)

I’ve walked the ground and it doesn’t seem like you could raise much in the way of crops.  In this day and age of large commercial farms and modern conveniences it is good for us to see how folks lived years ago.

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