Posted by: ushistoryfiles | September 4, 2010

Lafayette: The Lost Hero

The good folks at WETA sent me an advance copy of Lafayette: The Lost Hero.   This one hour documentary is set to air on Monday, September 13 at 10 PM on your local PBS stations.

While I was familiar with the Marquis de Lafayette as the young Frenchman who came to offer his services to the fledgling United States during the American Revolution, there was much about the man that I did not know.  I knew that he came to the US to: support liberty, make a name for himself, and that he grew close to George Washington.  His background (other than he was a French aristocrat) remained a mystery.  I had no idea that his support for the notion of liberty included the desire to see the slaves in America freed (he wrote President Washington about this several times) or that he bought a plantation in French Guiana and freed their slaves to show that emancipation was possible.  I was also unaware of his involvement in the French Revolution, exile, and imprisonment. 

Lafayette: The Lost Hero, is worth watching.  This is an excellent production that will both educate and entertain.  I highly recommend that you tune in and check it out.

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