Posted by: ushistoryfiles | October 9, 2011

PBS – The War of 1812 10/10/11

Hey Gang, I know it has been a while since I have written.  This summer hiatus (plus a month give or take) was spent travelling to different places and I’ll have a bunch of trip reports soon.  However, I want to make my readers aware that tomorrow night on most PBS stations the documentary The War of 1812 will air (check your local listings). 

First, let me point out that there isn’t a lot of documentaries on the War of 1812 out there.  For a new one to come along on the eve of the bicentennial of the war is exciting.  It is exactly what one would expect from PBS; a well done documentary that is a pleasure to watch.  In addition, several supporting resources are being released as well.  There are the educator guides:, the mobile app:, imformative essays:, and more.  So check out the documentary tomorrow night and if you want more information you can drop in on their website here:


  1. I can’t understand why pbs would put on such an anti-American program about the war of 1812. They insulted our president, calling him “the little guy,” they made us out to be a gang of ignorant thugs trying to capture Canada as out main goal, they insulted Andrew Jackson, who is the hero of that war and to top it all off, they relegated our national anthem to being nothing more than an English drinking song. This is one of a number of reasons why I do not support pbs.

    • I actually do not see truth as anti-American. Ok, so maybe “the little guy” comment was insensitive, but James Madison was the shortest President at 5 ft 4 in. Andrew Jackson was no saint, just read up on Indian Removan to see how fairly the Natives were treated. Lastly, the music for our national anthem is the music for To Anacreon in Heaven, Frances Scott Key only wrote the lyrics (actually he wrote a poem and the words were put to the music for To Anacreon). How does recognizing that as a fact constitute an anti-American bias?

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