Posted by: ushistoryfiles | June 1, 2012

One Man’s Trash…..

On Tuesday my wife and I took the, “Rubbish, Treasures, and Colonial Life” tour at Colonial Williamsburg.  Yesterday, C-SPAN was running a documentary on archeology at Jamestown so this has been a bit of archeology week for us.  Now, when one thinks of Colonial Williamsburg one usually thinks of carriage rides, costumed interpreters, restored buildings and such.  Truth is Colonial Williamsburg has an active research program and sponsors archeological field schools working in conjunction with The College of William and Mary.  Considering Colonial Williamsburg’s history one wonders just how much “stuff” (and by “stuff” I mean artifacts) can be recovered/discovered in the area.  Well, as the following pictures show a whole bunch!  These pictures just show a fraction of what is in Colonial Williamsburg’s collection.

Bones collected from a variety of locations around Colonial Williamsburg.  Depending upon where the bones were collected researchers can tell things about what the colonists ate, how old an animal was, differences in the eating patterns between the types of residents (master, slave, poor white).

Bottles like these can tell what the colonists drank and if the item was imported.  See the shiny cleaner bottle (3rd from the right)?  Why was it so much better preserved than the others?

Not all items are put back together and stored like this.  Imagine the warehouse space needed!

See the bags on the counter.  Those are waiting patiently to be processed.

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