Posted by: ushistoryfiles | July 20, 2012

Social Media

When I first started this blog I really never expected to delve into the world of social media.  I thought I might post a book review here or there, perhaps a trip report with some pictures, or work out some thoughts that might eventually make it into a paper for class.  However, over the last few months I have established a Twitter account (, a Tumblr account (, and a Facebook page ( for this blog.

Why?  Well, I dunno.  I never imagined being able to say anything meaningful in 140 characters such as on Twitter.  And what the heck is a Tumblr anyway.  We all know Facebook is designed to brag about where we go on vacation, debate politics with one another, and re-post pictures stolen from other sites like  Then there is the possibility that it is the same group of people on each site, in which case, having a presence on all three is really redundant.  (I mean really, is there ANYONE on Twitter or Tumblr that ISN’T on Facebook??

What I have discovered is a valid use for all three.  WordPress is great for longer blog posts with multiple pictures.  It is ideal for the original intent of this blog (books reviews, historic site reports, etc).  But for short ideas, announcements, or just simply “I’m off to here” Twitter really does work best.  Monitoring others’ Tweets has provided me with info and ideas that I would not have otherwise come across.  Tumblr is great for pictures (the free version of WordPress has a limit and is a little more involved that a quick Tumble [??]) and thoughts somewhere in-between a blog post and a Tweet.

So now I have all three.  I suppose the trick is to synch them all up while avoiding an infinite loop of cross posting: WordPress to Twitter to Facebook to Tumblr to Twitter to Facebook to…..  After all I don’t want to be the inept blogger who crashes the internet.




  1. I’m writing about social media too! Give it a read if you want!

  2. I don’t have a twitter, forgot the password, I use Facebook. Love pinterest. Mainly I feel all creative and like Martha Stuart (cook wise) haha. But yes some people don’t use twitter or tumble, I have enough social media as it is 😀

  3. I agree about Twitter especially. I never expected to get such a charge out of it, but I’m finding it opens doors to new sources that are very relevant to my own work that I never would have come across otherwise.

    • I share your experience. It has connected me to more people/sources than I had expected.

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