Posted by: ushistoryfiles | August 14, 2013

An Unexpected Hiatus: or How I Spent my Summer Vacation

It has been about 4 months since my last post.  I had not planned on taking a hiatus from blogging here, but sometimes life has other plans for you.  Not that I was totally unproductive, I read several books (and owe a few people a review or two), started a class at AMU, was involved in a move (not mine), tweeted a bit, was saddened by the loss of 2 well respected historians (Edmund Morgan and Pauline Maier), took a day trip to Petersburg, Va and got rained on, worked, searched for that all illusive full-time teaching job, and even started a more personal blog here.  So that is how I spent my summer vacation.  How about you?  Anyone do anything fun / thrilling / exciting?


  1. We’ve been making day trips and weekend trips all over the place this summer. I’ve been documenting it over on my blog.

    These are from last fall, but these events are coming up again and I hope to visit once more:

    Are you planning on uploading any travel logs and photos of your time away?

    • Unfortunately, the one trip to Petersburg was quite soggy thanks to the rain. I do have a future post planned on Petersburg and will include pictures from an earlier trip. I do regret missing Gettysburg, but that weekend was a busy one for us here at Colonial Williamsburg and I didn’t plan well.

  2. The 150th of Cedar Creek is coming up; one of my favorite events!

  3. Well the 149th…but next year the 150th.

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