Here is a list of blogs that I follow.  I try to keep the list updated, but if you find any broken links please let me know.

American History and Ancestry

American Revolution Blog

Army of Tennessee

Bull Runnings

Chickamauga Blog

Gilded Empire – a blog about Gilded Age San Francisco.  Contains may interesting posts not just relevant to San Francisco.

Hankering for History – Grant’s blog is fun…his passion for history shows through in every post.

Jacksonian America – while the title may be Jacksonian America, this blog covers much more.  It also offers insights on the teaching of history.

My Moral Compass – Articles about historical events where people have had to make moral choices.

Patriot War – Quite an interesting blog about the raiding that took place between the U.S. and Canada in the 1830s.

The Trans-Mississippian

Histatic! – Not Civil War related – it is totally random but I like it!

Non blog links:

Colonial Williamsburg – One of my favorite places.

The Lincoln Project – Chris Small aka Abraham Lincoln.

COGfilm – Loren Small – fun to work with.


  1. Great blog!!!!!!

    • Thanks!!

  2. Enjoyed your blog! I would like to invite you to visit our new blog at
    We are a homeschooling family from Georgia and we love history. We write about interesting places we visit and the blog serves as another educational vehicle for our two children–Andrew, age 14 (a young historian) and Rosie, age 10. We’d love for you to check us out. We are also on facebook–

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