Posted by: ushistoryfiles | October 16, 2013

Gold Fever on the Discovery Channel

I found this little nugget buried in my spam box on Yahoo (thank you Yahoo SPAM blocker).  It premiered on October 11th but Discovery is running it again on October 18, 2013.


Discovery Catches Gold Fever in California Gold Rush Documentary Mini-Series
New York, NY – Discovery is going back in time to follow the story of the California Gold Rush from the very beginning in the four-part documentary miniseries GOLD FEVER premiering Friday October 11th and October 18th at 9 PM ET. See how American was transformed, after the chance discovery of gold, from a fledgling nation into one of enormous wealth and power.
From the executive producer of the Emmy-winning documentary miniseries, The Men Who Built America, GOLD FEVER follows the Boston Company, a real-life group of 40 men who, like tens of thousands of others, made the grueling journey out west with dreams of striking it rich. Viewers will a get a first-hand look through historians, experts, visual effects and dramatic scenes about how the men of the Boston Company pursued their opportunity for a new life while trying to survive from January 1848 to October 1850. After traveling to California, the men soon discovered the gold rush wasn’t exactly was hey expected. Violence, greed and chaos took over as tens of thousands of miners battled each other for the same small fortune of buried treasure. As the men fought and died for gold, they had no idea that the fortune they’d uncover – worth an estimated 25 billion dollars – would transform the country forever, laying the foundation of the American Dream and making possible the creation of an American empire.

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