Posted by: ushistoryfiles | August 14, 2014

New Historian Online Magazine

I received this press release the other day and visited their website for a bit.  Thought maybe some of you would be interested too.



Online history magazine New Historian officially launches today, and brings together all the latest developments from history onto their website at It is launched by historical publisher Forgotten Books.

 “As Confucius said ‘To define the future, study the past.’” Says Editor Glynn Forsythe, “New Historian gives history lovers the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the herd when it comes to the latest discoveries from the past. “

 Past events may have happened long ago, but historians, archaeologists and interested amateurs are constantly making new discoveries that inform our understanding of what has gone before.

 Oliver Forsythe, CEO of Forgotten Books, considers moving into magazine publication a natural progression. “A significant amount of Forgotten Books’ customers are already using our service for access to historical sources. Bringing them more up to date news from the historical field is a clear next step.”

 As well as breaking news, New Historian already has a sizable collection of articles about fascinating events and people from the past, with more added daily.

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